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Cakes & MOORE

Georgie Moore of Cakes & MOORE has been a Chef with the Ridgeway Group for over 5 years.

She has always brought finness, creativity & perfection to every dish she prepares and plates.

This has lead to her passion for creating the perfect wedding cake for every couple.

She has teamed up with Ridgeway Catering to make your wedding planning even more seamless.

We are already on-site creating everything delicious for your special day,so let us handle the cake too!

No need to worry about delivery or set up fees, where to chill the cake - all is covered within our pricing.

Georgie's talent is endless, so if you have a specific creation in mind,

discuss with our team who can assist in bringing your vision to life, or simply select one of our stunning offerings.

Order a tasting box below

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